Little Stars

Our Little stars classroom is a happy, nurturing environment where each child is encouraged to explore and develop new skills at their own pace. And getting prepared for preschool ,Equipment and toys are safe and age appropriate for them. The room arrangement satisfies individual needs by allowing space for eating, sleeping, playing and socializing. Curriculum concepts are taught at an introductory level with plenty of flexibility for shorter attention spans. Projects are fun and exciting yet still meaningful.

  • Age Group: Toddler 18-3 
  • Pricing: Please Call the Center for Pricing

Class Schedule

drop-offs, welcome children, free play and/or structured-play, story-time, toys, etc.

7:30 Am – 8:00 Am




8:00 Am – 8:30 Am



free play

8:30 Am – 9:00 Am


naptime (depending on age), flash cards, arts and crafts, story-time, stacking blocks

9:00 Am – 10:00 Am

music, song and dance, games

10:00 Am – 10:30 AM


outside play-time

10:30 Am – 11:15 Am


table activities and/or occasional educational video

11:15 Am – 11:45 Am

lunch time, clean-up/wash-up, nestle into cribs

11:45 Am – 12:15 Pm

rest-time and/or quiet-time

12:15 Pm – 2:30 Pm

free-play and/or structured-play, books, flash cards, various learning toys, etc.

02:30 Pm – 03:30 Pm

afternoon snack, clean-up/wash-up

03:30 Am – 04:00 Pm

pickups, outside play (depending on season), puzzles, musical instruments, story-time, etc.

04:00 Pm – 05:00 Pm